The Dark Cradle – Student Project Game

The Dark Cradle is a fun little Sci-Fi first person puzzle platforming adventure where you use your electricity gun to help your save your spaceship from an unknown threat.

Set within the confines of a damaged spaceship, The Dark Cradle puts you in control of Venus, a genius engineer who is woken from cryo-sleep to help bring the ship back online and fend off a mysterious alien presence that’s sabotaging it. The gameplay combines stealth, platforming and puzzle elements, often utilizing your electricity gun as a light source or power source.

A lot of the visual design is more functional than aesthetically pleasing and the electricity gun feels like it’s sorely underused (it’s mainly just used for firing out light sources), but it’s a fun little action platforming romp. With a 40 minute playing time, it flies by at a nice pace, the platforming controls are tight and the overall level design is very well done. Not groundbreaking, but a fun little spaceship adventure well worth embarking on.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Dark Cradle Here (Windows)