The Dark Within – Game Jam Build Download

the dark within 1

The Dark Within, a stylish dual world puzzle platformer made for the summer GMCJAM 2016, puts you in a strange, unfamiliar world with a very bad stomach wound, as you attempt make your way to safety.

You have just woken up in a world made out of your nightmares. There is a massive hole in your stomach and not a soul in site. You must make your way to someone for help, so you venture forward in this strange world. As you explore you notice bone shards and bits of what look like guts thrown through the trees – the more you move around this world, the more repulsed you’ll be by it.

This isn’t the only world there is though. By tapping up, you are able to flip into a world where everyone is alive and the land is luscious – but only for a few moments. This is quite useful when trying to go beyond all of the piles of guts that lie in your way. You must manage your time carefully as being stuck in a pile of guts or landing on some bone shards will kill you, pushing you back a few paces to somewhere safe. This world will continue to get quite strange, until finally you find what has been causing all of this death and chaos.  It’s an interesting and well crafted little game that always has you guessing as you travel across it’s worlds.

UPDATE: This Game Is No Longer Available