The Darkest Files – Beta Demo

The Darkest Files is a graphic novel styled first person historical investigation game where you investigate Nazi cold cases with an aim of bringing the perpetrators to justice.

Taking place in 1950’s Germany and inspired by true life events, The Darkest Files sees you forming a part of Fritz Bauer’s special investigation team tasked with bringing Nazi war criminals to justice. The game focuses on realistic investigation techniques, with you examining files and evidence, and using what you know to interrogate witnesses and suspects. You’ll also be able to fully immerse yourself in your victim’s stories and experience them first-hand.

As you can imagine, the subject matter is pretty heavy and it makes for a pretty dry and sombre experience. The visual design is stunning though and the story and investigation methods are cleverly done. See what Nazi nastiness you can unearth.

Download The Darkest Files Beta Demo Here (Steam)