The Deep Dark Woods – Prototype Download

The Deep Dark Woods is a dark and atmospheric cultist horror game where a young woman unravels old secrets and forgotten sins as she goes searching for her missing mother in a dark woodland.

Currently in development by Regularly Scheduled Programming (creators of Veiled), in The Deep Dark Woods you take on the role of Eliza, a young woman who lives a rather isolated life with her mother in a homestead at the edge of a dark forest. Your mother (and you) were part of a cult that worshipped an entity called “Sorral”. You’ve since been cast out because your mother refused to remarry after the loss of your father, but your mother is still a devout follower of Sorral and she’s keen to teach you the ways of the religion. However, one night she heads out into the woods and a gunshot soon rings out. You go outside to investigate and find that there’s more than just squirrels lurking in the woods…

The current build of The Deep Dark Woods takes around 20 minutes to play through (or 2 minutes depending on what ending you get) and sees you trying to solve a puzzle while exploring the forest, scavenging resources and dealing with the freaky cultists that charge at you. You have a gun, but ammo is limited and it takes a while to reload so often running away is a better option than standing your ground.

Even in these early stages of development The Deep Dark Woods has an incredible sense of atmosphere and a nice mixture of horror, combat, puzzle solving and running for your life. The retro styled visuals work really well and the lore is very intriguing – you’ll be dying to learn more of what’s going down within those deep dark woods.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Deep Dark Woods Prototype Here (Windows)

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  1. Great, simple concept and beautiful art style!
    Advice: The gun has a hit box problem. A shotgun should have more spread but then it would be too easy with the current amount of ammo. I’d change the gun to a rifle. Then aim is key and maybe you could take out more enemies in one bullet if they line up.

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