The Defect – Alpha Demo (Steam)

the defect game

The Defect is a unique space combat and ship building game, in which you are constantly hunting down spaceships that you have built and your traitorous crew has stolen.

Each ship you build will eventually get stolen by your crew, but knowing that means you can make some critical design choices during its production – a few weak spots (or defects) which you can target when you eventually fight it.  Both the ship building and space combat are fun and look great, the variety of ship components allow for a huge array of different sizes and styles of spacecraft to be build.  And there’s a great sense of achievement in creating a ship that kicks ass, but can also get its ass kicked by someone with insider knowledge of how it was built.

It’s a impressive game, with slick art design, fun ship building and a fantastic core concept.  Battling and sabotaging your own creations of in this game full of subterfuge and treachery makes for a unique and very rewarding experience.  Set Phasers to fun.

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Download The Defect Alpha Demo HERE (Win & Mac – Steam)