The Devil’s Eight – Pre-Alpha Download

The Devil’s Eight offers up a mesmerising mix of pulsing neon visuals, boss rush action platforming and rhythm action gameplay as you battle your way through abstract music-driven circles of Hell.

In The Devil’s Eight you bust battle eight Overseers and descend through each circle of Hell to destroy its master and reclaim the powers that have been stolen from you. Each Overseer represents a different circle of hell, with their own tortured histories and different fighting styles that you’ll have to adapt to.

Blending 2D gameplay and 3D visuals (in a similar vein as Resogun), it’s played within a series of circular arenas, with the massive Overseers standing in the middle and you running around them. It’s a tough game, that utilizes twitch-based dodges, blocks and counter-attacks akin to a 2D fighting game – you’ll need to observe attack animations and time your actions accordingly to stand any chance of survival.

It’s still early in development but The Devil’s Eight is already a captivating experience. The pulsing neon visuals and thumping electronic soundtrack are superb and the boss battling combat will really test your fighting skills. A delightfully dangerous descent into the depths of Hell.

Download The Pre-Alpha & Check Out The Kickstarter Here (Windows)

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  1. I’ll be honest, the game looks fuking awesome. They have a lot of work to do but that Art style is something people like me die for. On the contrary, they have a f***ton of work to do with that trailer. The music and game just don’t suit.

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