The Dog: First Person Sniffer – Alpha Demo

The Dog: First Person Sniffer is a delightful little game that lets you become a happy little dog as it runs around a park barking, sniffing, chasing birds and getting pats.

Ever looked at your happy little doggie and though I’d love to be as happy and carefree as that? Well now you can! The Dog: First Person Sniffer allows you to embrace your inner doggo as you go for a walk with your owner in a large park.

In the park you can run around, bark, chase birds, play with a ball and get pats from your owner. You get freedom to explore the whole park, but you will need to wait for your owner the catch up sometimes because they get worried when you go too far (humans are very stressful creatures). There’s no timers to worry about – just enjoy yourself and sit on a park bench when you’re done.

It’s a wonderful little game that helps you understand why dogs are always happy and even sheds light on what dogs are sniffing for when you take them for a walk – it turns out they are smelling little animated pee-messages left by other dogs (and there are lots of them to discover around the park). So what are you waiting for? Time to get your dog on!

Download The Dog: First Person Sniffer Here (Windows)