The Dog Handler Show – Alpha Download


The Dog Handler Show is a fun first person puzzler in which you and your dog work together to solve a variety of increasingly complex puzzles.

In The Dog Handler Show you control the main character, able to walk around the test areas and activating pressure sensitive switches. You can also command your (very obedient) dog to stand in certain areas, or to pick up and drop sticks and bones on different switches to activate them and aid your progress to the exit. It’s a fun system in which you’re effectively playing in co-op with yourself, moving your character and guiding the dog.

The Dog Handler Show is still very early in development, but it’s already great fun making your way through the puzzles with your cute little doggie by your side, the visuals are simple but charming and the audio commands are strangely amusing. A quirky little canine puzzler that’s well worth checking out.

Download The Dog Handler Show Alpha Here (Windows)