THE DOOR – Alpha Demo

THE DOOR is a beautiful, inventive and intriguing narrative-driven Sci-Fi puzzle game where you help a confused robot open doors.

After coming across a mysterious digital door you find yourself trapped in an alternate world with a friendly, but glitchy and confused robot. The robot needs your assistance to open a series of doors that lead to the legendary exit in the sky, but there also seems to be something else going on. Maybe there’s a reason all those doors were locked in the first place!

Each door requires you to solve a puzzle to make it manifest, then a mini-puzzle (which often harvests your personal info) to open it. The main puzzles come in three different forms in the current build (though the full game will no doubt have more), with one being based on lining up your perspective to reform shattered 3D objects, one being based on touch pads and another using Superliminal-esque tricks of perspective. The puzzles are fairly easy, but they’re well crafted and work best when combining the different puzzle styles into one.

It takes around 20 minutes to play through THE DOOR and it really leaves you wanting more. The puzzles are a lot of fun, your digital buddy is enjoyable company and the narrative is very intriguing. There’s a definite feeling that you’re being duped into doing something that will lead to your own undoing, but you’re so curious to see what’s behind the next door that it won’t stop you! Highly recommended.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download THE DOOR Alpha Demo Here (Windows & Android)