The Dope Game – Beta Download

The Dope Game

The Dope Game, a modern take on the classic DrugWars DOS game is now in Open Beta, so everyone can now become a drug dealing tycoon!

As we mentioned during the Closed Beta, The Dope Game is a roguelike drug dealing management sim, in which you travel around a city buying drugs cheaply and selling them for a profit. Players get a set amount of time to make as much money as possible, and will contend with the police, hire goons, purchase weaponry and meet some rather odd characters (we’re looking at you crazy bus lady!)

This is the second Beta release from the devs, and they’re very keen to get feedback about any bugs players encounter.  If you do experience any issues, you can leave info in their Steam Group Discussion page.  The game is shaping up very nicely, and the only thing we’d really like to see implemented is a slider for the amount of drugs you can purchase (instead of having to manually type in amounts).  As with the original DrugWars game, it’ll take a little time to get a feel for what’s high and what’s low when it comes to the drug prices, so it’ll maybe take a couple of goes until you really start to rake in the cash – by then, much like the drugs you’re peddling, you’ll find The Dope Game a very addictive experience.

UPDATE: Beta No Longer Available