The Dream of Yourself – Alpha Download

The Dream of Yourself is an delightfully disgusting and extremely weird exploration game where you wriggle your way through intestines towards a temple full of eyeballs.

The Dream of Yourself is currently being created as a “spiritual exploration of your subconsciousness”, but it’s arguable that if your subconsciousness looks like this in any way you should probably seek professional help. The whole thing is a bizarre and beautiful nightmare that feels more than a little like you’re giving Satan a colonoscopy.

In the game you take control of a small wriggling creature as it makes its way through a world filled with intestine-like tunnels, huge eyeballs, massive stomping feet and other assorted body parts. The eyeballs and feet can push/stomp you back to an earlier part of the level so you really want to stay away from them (unless you have a foot fettish).

It all feels very gross and fleshy, and very much unlike anything you’ll have ever experienced before. It’s definitely making a statement (perhaps about body shaming or feelings of body inadequacy) and it does a good job of aming you feel small and insignificant as you wriggle around its weird world filled with giant body parts. The Dream of Yourself really takes body horror to a whole new level. Highly recommended.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The The Dream of Yourself Alpha Here (Windows)