The Duck Psychology – Beta Demo

The Duck Psychology is a tense little weeping angel style horror game where you attempt to collect rubber ducks in a psych facility.

Created by Serious Daniel (creator of The Microwave Paradox and George Likes Lasagna), The Duck Psychology is a fast paced little horror game set in a psych facility. You are given the simple task of following the trail of yellow rubber ducks to find a red rubber duck. However, you’re not alone in there – a tall and freaky alien chases you whenever you’re not looking. He doesn’t seem too happy that you’re taking his ducks…

It’s a simple, but effective take on the weeping angel style of monster that manages to squeeze a lot of tension from its brightly lit setting. Your tall and silent stalker can lead to some terrifyingly close calls and collecting those squeaky little yellow ducks is oddly satisfying! See if you can collect ‘em all!

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Duck Psychology Beta Demo Here (Windows)