The ECHO Initiative – Game Jam Build Download


The ECHO Initiative, a mysterious game made for the Fermi Paradox Jam, has you playing around with buttons on an abandoned space probe and attempting to find intelligent life.

The ECHO Initiative was a privately funded probe that was built to detect signals from intelligent life and relay them back to earth. Contact with the probe was lost after the probe left our solar system, so the program was shut down and considered a failure. But the probe is still out there, floating in space, can you help it fulfil its mission?

There are only a few buttons on the probe, which is slowly spinning, so access to these buttons will come and go. One button produces a solar panel to give you power to use the other buttons. Another moves the probe forward, up, or down. The last button sends out a signal, trying to communicate with the life that may be out there. You must play around with these buttons until some aliens start to appear. It doesn’t have any clear instructions, so it is up to you to experiment and figure out what to do with this ancient probe.

It’s a stylish, atmospheric and strangely compelling experience prodding the various buttons on this drifting space probe.  Certainly worth playing around with to see what you find.

Note: It is actually possible to ‘complete’ The ECHO Initiative, but it can take quite a bit of experimentation to discover all the alien species.

Download The ECHO Initiative Here (Win & Mac)