The Eldritch Funk – Student Game Download

The Eldritch Funk is an odd, eerie and wonderfully stylish first person puzzle adventure where you use a tape recorder and a Polaroid camera to unravel the mystery of what strange eldritch things happened in a famous 70’s funk producer’s estate.

Created by students at CNAM-ENJMIN, in The Eldritch Funk you take on the role of a 1970’s journalist who goes to the estate of a famous funk producer to ask him about some strange events that were rumored to have occurred there. However, when you get there it soon becomes apparent that nobody is there and that something very strange has happened. Time to put your investigative reporting skills to use and unravel the mystery of what happened in the estate.

The entire estate in The Eldritch Funk is one big puzzle that you unravel using your camera, your tape recorder and a little investigation work. As you progress you learn more about the story of the people who have gone missing from the estate and discover some odd paranormal occurrences that are linked to it all.

It can take a little while to wrap your head around what you’re actually supposed to be doing in the game, but once you do it’s a lot of fun. It’s interesting to learn more of the different character’s stories as you piece together the clues and the voice acting is excellent. The star of the show is the mansion itself though – it’s cleverly designed to allow you to access more of it as you figure things out and all the 70’s decor is simply fantastic. A spooky, smart and super funky puzzle adventure with tons of 70’s style.

Download The Eldritch Funk Here (Windows)