The Empty City – Game Jam Build

The Empty City is an atmospheric PS1-era styled narrative experience that sees a solitary figure exploring a long dead city.

Taking around 10 minutes to play through, The Empty City starts with a lone figure on a clifftop overlooking the remains of an empty city. You grab a flower and place it in a huge stack of them that are sitting at the city wall, then you continue your journey through the desolate and decaying city.

A lot is left up to the player to interpret during it’s short wordless playtime. It seems that you have made this pilgrimage many times before (or perhaps many other people have taken the same journey). Maybe everyone escaped the city, but placing the flower feels like a way of paying your respects to the dead in a world where you may very well be the last one alive.

It’s a captivating experience with a very atmospheric soundtrack and fantastic use of it’s retro PS1 aesthetic. A contemplative little adventure that transports you to the end of the world.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Play The Empty City Here (Browser)

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