The End Of Journey – Prototype

end of line 1

The End of Journey is an addictive interactive fiction/survival game with random elements that sees you trying to survive for as long as possible on a raft in the middle of the ocean.

To stand a chance you’ll first have to scavenge for items in the wreckage of your ship.  This yields a randomly generated selection of equipment and items, from apples to telescopes.  These items really can mean the difference between life and death in the perilous ocean.  You’re then able use or craft items, such as fishing equipment or prepare food so that it’s edible.

Another delightful touch are the scripted encounters that occur every few days, ranging from pulling dead bodies out of the water, to kissing a mermaid.  Your success in these instances is largely dependent on your physical state, but rest assured there are plenty of nasty ways to die in this game.

For such a simple premise, The End of Journey really does have lots of depth (pun intended) and replayability.  There’s always a feeling that your next play though will be the one where you manage to escape a watery grave (though probably not).  It’s a ship-shape shipwreck survival adventure.

Play the Prototype HERE