The Enigma of Life After Death – Prototype Download

enigma of life after death

The Enigma of Life After Death is a stylish pixel art RPG adventure that revolves around a skeleton, a blood ritual, meaningful decisions and a mystery that will have you scratching your head until the very end.

The Enigma of Life After Death starts with your boney corpse being randomly resurrected in an abandoned crypt. Once you come to your senses you are able to investigate your surroundings, and even have a lovely chat to a table (we’re not even joking about that!). To the north of your starting position is a strangely drawn ritual circle that has been smeared at some point. The symbol itself has been drawn using human blood and, unlike the rest of your surroundings, isn’t dried up.

As you continue your journey you’ll come across carvings that make no sense and spirits of the undead. These spirits are mostly good and will offer you helpful hints or random gibberish. A few however will wish to see you purged from the world of ‘Between’ (a world that only the dead are supposed to see). The ability to enter the Between gives you a special sight that allows you to see the recently deceased which allows you so talk to these spirits and learn the mysterious of your origin. The sight also shows you hidden objects, like pathways and bridges, and also lets you see hidden images as well.

The Enigma of Life After Death is still very early in development, but it’s shaping up to be an awesome nostalgic trip with the look and feel of games like The Legend of Zelda from the NES era, and  tricky yet satisfying puzzle design. With a Skeleton with no memories of his past and a lot of questions ready to fall out of his decaying mouth, The Enigma of Life After Death is mysterious adventure well worth delving into.

Download The Enigma of Life After Death Prototype Build Here (Windows)