The Entropy Centre – Alpha Demo

The Entropy Centre is a Portal inspired narrative-driven first person Sci-Fi puzzle adventure where you use a talking entropy gun to solve puzzles and save the world.

In The Entropy Centre you find yourself in a mysterious abandoned space station around the orbit of Earth. It appears the station has been carrying out research into entropy/time manipulation and they’ve managed to create a talking entropy gun called ASTRA. ASTRA allows you to rewind objects through time and together you’ll solve puzzles and figure out what’s going on in the space station.

The world design of The Entropy Centre is similar to Portal 2, in that there are individual test areas to beat, while also being other areas of the facility to explore and a larger ongoing narrative to unravel. The test areas are fun and cleverly crafted, but it’s the other (non-test) areas of the dilapidated facility that are the most interesting and it looks like you’ll be exploring much more of them in the full game.

It’s an impressive game that looks stunning, has an interesting game world and lots of inventive puzzle design. It feels very much like a spiritual successor to Portal 2, which is great, because if Valve won’t make it then someone has to! Highly recommended.

Check Out a The Entropy Centre Gameplay Video Here

Download The Entropy Centre Alpha Demo Here (Steam)