The Equinox Hunt – Alpha Demo

The Equinox Hunt is a harcore stealth rogue-lite adventure where you are a victim who is being hunted by a cult who hunt people for fun.

A little like The Most Dangerous Game or the Jean-Claude Van Damme “classic” Hard Target, in The Equinox Hunt you are the prey that’s being hunted by a cult of crazed lunatics. It’s a true stealth game, so you need to sneak past, hide from or run away from your enemies rather than confront them (though you can throw rocks to knock them out).

The cult has a variety of different factions, consisting of Trappers, Prowlers, Snipers and Cutters, each with their own unique combat style. They’re all hunting for you, so you need to sneak past them and find some way to escape the forest alive. Along the way you may even discover more about the cultists and the ritual of the hunt.

It’s clearly aimed at hardcore stealth fans, so if you’re not a fan of hiding in bushes and watching guards patrol then you may bounce off of it, but there’s a lot to like about The Equinox Hunt. The stealth mechanics work well, the visuals are great and it’s got a very tense atmosphere as you sneak your way through the forest. A tense and atmospheric hunt well worth going on.

Download The The Equinox Hunt Alpha Demo Here (Steam)