The ER: Patient Typhon – Alpha Demo

The ER: Patient Typhon is a very freaky and surreal hand animated horror adventure set in a hospital where patients wake up with missing body parts.

Currently in development by Professional Villains, The ER: Patient Typhon is a sequel/expansion of the original The ER, which we featured on Alpha Beta Gamer back in 2019. In the game you awaken in a strange hospital with your arms removed. You are physically weakened and armless, but you must search the hospital, solve puzzles and unravel the dark secrets of the hospital.

The demo build of The ER: Patient Typhon takes around 2 minutes to play through and sees you exploring the hospital, learning a little of the narrative, avoiding monsters and solving puzzles. Your character is quite slow and pretty much totally defenseless, so you need to take care – particularly in the later stages of the demo.

The final section of the current The ER: Patient Typhon demo can get a little infuriating due to the checkpointing, but it’s a fascinating game with a fantastic hand drawn art style and some incredibly disturbing imagery. The weakened state of the protagonist really makes you feel vulnerable – you don’t have speed or power on your side, it’s just your wits that’ll help you survive this hellish hospital!

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The ER: Patient Typhon Alpha Demo Here (Steam)