The ER – Student Project Game

The ER is a freaky little hand drawn experimental  horror adventure where you attempt to escape from a hospital that’s filled with big green slimy monsters.

In The ER you are an unnamed woman who wakes up in an abandoned hospital. You have no arms so you can’t really interact with anything and you’re also quite slow moving (perhaps due to an injury). You need to explore the hospital and find some means of escape, but you’re not alone – there are gross green monsters that look like a cross between The Thing and The Blob. You’ll have to avoid them if you want to stay alive.

Taking around 10 minutes to play through, The ER is a very strange and unsettling game that leaves you with more questions than answers. Who are you? Where is everybody? What are those monsters? Why do you have no arms? None of these questions get answered, but that doesn’t matter – it leaves your imagination to fill in the blanks, allowing you to make up your own story about what’s going on. It also does a great job of making you feel vulnerable, as you are (literally) unarmed and limping along with no means of defense so there’s always the worry that if a monster appears then you’re toast. A tense little hospital horror game well worth checking in to.

After Playing, The Devs Would Appreciate if You Fill Out This Questionnaire

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The ER Here (Windows)