The Exact Moment – Game Jam Build

The Exact Moment is a beautiful contemplative little game that tells the story of a hundred year old photograph of a secluded fishing spot, taken by a 19th/20th century Art-Nouveau photographer called Adolf Mas Ginestà.

Created for the Jam Cultura Abierta, The Exact Moment is a short browser based narrative-driven experience where you interact with words in unique ways to progress the story. It takes place at the opening of a cave that you’ve stumbled across and sees you chatting to a fisherman who goes there often for a spot of fishing. While there you chat away and learn why the fisherman finds this place so special.

Taking around five minutes to play through, The Exact Moment is a short game, but beautifully told. The writing is excellent and the various ways you interact with certain words is very creative (and would be a great concept for expanding on). A delightful little fishing and photography trip that will brighten up your day.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Play The Exact Moment Here (Browser)