The Excrawlers – Alpha Demo

The Excrawlers is a beautifully animated roguelite action RPG where you use a sword and bow to battle your way through dungeons filled with monsters and madness.

In The Excrawlers you take control of a lone female warrior who slices her way through procedurally generated forests and dungeons. You start out very underpowered, but as you progress you level up, equip powerful runes and at the end of each area you can unlock a new perk.

The current build of The Excrawlers features a forest biome to fight your way through, consisting of six separate areas and a boss fight. You can dash, swing your sword and use a bow, and you’ll need to master all three to survive (initially anyway).

The combat is fun, the pixel art animation is excellent and you can unlock a nice range of abilities to aid you in battle. That said, there are some issues in the current build – it’s very repetitive, the dialogue is badly written and the balancing is a big problem. Because the enemies don’t change from the start to the end of the demo but you are constantly gathering upgrades, this makes the game go from being ridiculously hard to ridiculously easy. You start off playing with skill but as you level up you can pretty much just button mash and still succeed. Hopefully the devs find a way to rectify this as there is a sweet spot somewhere in the middle where the game is a lot of fun.

Download The The Excrawlers Alpha Demo Here (Steam)