The Fall of Lazarus – Alpha Demo

the fall of lazarus 1

The Fall of Lazarus is a very cool Unreal Engine powered sci-fi puzzle adventure in which you wake from hypersleep on a spaceship with acute memory loss and a ‘helpful’ AI who assists you in coming to grips with your predicament.

In The Fall of Lazarus Alpha Demo (which serves as prologue for the full game) you wake up from your cryochamber to find that you’re alone on a large spaceship with nobody to talk to but an AI called Hybris. Hybris promptly puts you through a couple of tests to make sure you’re ok, then sets about jogging your memory as the cryosleep seems to of given you a bad dose of amnesia.

It can take a little getting used to using the computers in the game (it’d probably be more user friendly to switch to a mouse cursor at those points), but once you get the hang of it, you slowly gather information about who you are, what you do and what sort of trouble you may be in (and as it turn out you’re in quite a bit of trouble!)

The puzzle design shows a nice amount of variety throughout the Alpha Demo, and the way the story is relayed through fragments of information you piece together from emails, databases and what little Hybris tells you is very impressive. After playing through the Alpha Demo, you’ll be dying to unravel more of this mysterious deep space adventure, we certainly are!

Tip: If you struggle with the first puzzle, a camera phone may come in handy!

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Download The Fall of Lazarus Alpha Demo Here (Windows)