The Final Heist – Student Project Game Download

The Final Heist is a challenging low poly twin stick shooter that sees you fending off cops, hacking into cash machines, ransacking the vault and intimidating hostages as you attempt to steal as much as possible.

In The Final Heist you take control of a lone bank robber who has to do some serious multitasking as he attempts to make off with as much cash as possible. You earn cash by standing next to cash machines that your accomplice is hacking and by robbing the vault that opens up every three rounds. This cash can then be deposited in your getaway vehicle to increase your score or to purchase new weapons and equipment that will aid your cause.

Obviously the police aren’t too happy about you robbing the bank so you’ll have to fend them off with your weapons. You also have to periodically intimidate your hostages or they’ll become emboldened and attempt to run. The more hostages escape the more forces the police will throw at you so it’s best to keep an eye on them whenever possible.

The Final Heist is a very tough game that feels like it may be more suited to a co-op multiplayer experience. It’s a fun little game though that can get pretty chaotic as you frantically run between cash machines while fending off cops and keeping those pesky hostages in check. A cool twin stick crime caper well worth breaking into.

Download The Final Heist Here (Windows & Mac)