The Final One – Alpha Download


The Final One is a very creepy FPS horror adventure in which you attempt to uncover the occult mysteries surrounding a doll museum in which all the exhibits have started to come to life!

The current build of The Final One is a strange mix of bad cutscenes and good gameplay. The cutscenes have little animation, bad voice acting, a convoluted plot and dialogue that seems like it’s been taken from a Japanese Anime and ran through Google Translate. That’s not to say that it makes the game bad, rather it makes you marvel at its oddity and will always keep you guessing what’s going to happen next (and you really will never guess!)

The Final One is still very early in development, so the cutscenes will no doubt be modified in future builds, but the core gameplay is already VERY scary. As soon as you enter the museum and come face to face with one of the inanimate dolls you know you’re in for a serious dose of terror. Then when they start coming to life, jumping out of walls and ceilings you may well need a change of underwear!

Sure, The Final One isn’t perfect. It has a lot of rough edges, but many of those rough edges are what make it an unforgettable experience – and crucially it does what every good horror game should do – it’ll scare the crap out of you!

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Final One Alpha Build Here (Windows)