The Final Take – Alpha Demo

The Final Take Game

The Final Take is an upcoming Horror/Survival game being made by Dark Day Interactive with a creepy 80’s VHS aesthetic, in which you explore an abandoned psychiatric ward.

In the Alpha has you play as two different protagonists, each one having their own story and puzzles to solve, as you work your way through what appears to be an abandoned psychiatric ward.  The Final Take uses camera effects to make the game feel like it’s set in the 1980’s. The screen tracking, tearing and wobbling is fine at first, but as the game goes on it can get a bit annoying to stare at constantly (we’d really like to see the VHS effects toned down in future releases).  There’s a great sense of tension and atmosphere in the game though, with great audio design and visuals that will scare you if you can see anything through the VHS filter.

The Final Take still needs a lot of polish, but as it stands the short demo gives you a slight idea of where they guys wish to take this game.  The Final Take is full of immersion, jump scares and extremely well done textures and will leave you wanting more story, more excitement and more gameplay by the time you reach the end of the Alpha Demo (but you’ll probably also have a headache from squinting through the VHS filter for too long!)

UPDATE: This Alpha Demo Is No Longer Available