The Fire Inside – Game Jam Build Download

The Fire inside Game Download

The Fire Inside is an atmospheric exploration game made for the Gr8ArtGames Jam, where you light the way with fire as you search of your true self in a very dark forest.

You start The Fire Inside beside a large fire, a comforting place in the midst of all of the darkness. This is where you feel safe. The fire provides comfort and light that allows you to see your surroundings. You don’t want to stay in this safe zone, however, instead you want to travel through the dark forest looking for your true self. Your inner flame doesn’t light for long in the dense, scary forest, but you must find your way, despite the dying light.

You can light your torch at the fire, then take it into the forest to light your way. This torch’s light dies fast – slowly fading and letting the darkness take over you. If the darkness fully envelops you then it’s game over, but there are a series of fixed torches that you can light to guide your way and replenish your light. As you delve deeper into the darkness you’ll come across other bonfires – your light scares off people gathered around them – people used to a lesser light, unlike your own, but you aren’t there to impress these strangers. You are there to find yourself out of your comfort zone.

Though The Fire Inside is a short game, the level of polish, oppressive atmosphere and the message behind it, really makes for a captivating experience. A tense and claustrophobic game where each step you take into the darkness takes you away from your comfort zone and closer to finding your true self.

Download The Fire Inside Here (Windows)