The Foolish Brave – Alpha Demo

the floolish brave

The island of Neria is in a state of decay, deteriorating all life within it. Deep within the heart of the forest lies an area mysteriously unaffected by this plague, named Divinity’s Playground. Either by intuition, or by the convenient foreshadowing of the name of this sanctuary, seasoned adventurers Ozma and Ry were called in to investigate and potentially put an end to this plague and restore the island’s former glory (and health). This deep unknown place holds many secrets, well-protected from the outer-lying areas.

The Foolish Brave is a 2D action game with simple movement mechanics and easy-to-implement techniques. Forget WASD, as this game utilizes the arrow keys for movement, and ASD are technique controls. The conversation mode is very tidy, and overlays the saturated and blooming pixel art world backdrop nicely. The game is easy to play, but pretty challenging, doesn’t feel like “just another sidescroller” and is slightly reminiscent of the original Megaman, but with its own Manga flavor to it.

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