The Forest Quartet – Beta Demo

The Forest Quartet is a beautiful supernatural puzzle adventure where the ghost of a musician attempts to fix the corruption plaguing the souls of her bandmates in time for their final farewell concert.

In The Forest Quartet you take control of Nina – the spirit of a recently deceased lead singer of a popular band called The Forest Quartet. She was more than just the singer, she was the soul of the band and her fellow bandmates are struggling without her. They are planning on playing a final farewell concert but there’s a darkness plaguing their souls. Perhaps Nina can help out one last time…

The full game will take you through three unique acts relating to each band member. The current demo build allows you to play through a little of Kirk’s, the pianist who feels he can’t play without Nina being there. As you make your way through his subconscious you come across a variety of strange machines which you have to find pieces for and figure out how to operate. Get them running and you’ll be able to open pathways to new areas.

It’s a beautiful and chilled-out game with a real feeling of otherworldly magic as you make your way through its wonderful musical woodland. The voice acting and art design are fantastic and it’s a lot of fun figuring out how to operate each new strange piece of machinery you come across. Highly recommended.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Forest Quartet Beta Demo Here (Steam)