The Four Eyed Creature – Game Jam Build

The Four Eyed Creature is a wonderfully disorientating FPS puzzle adventure in which you have four arms and four eyes each facing in a different direction, giving you 360° vision but no means of aiming or even turning your head!

In The Four Eyed Creature you control an alien who has crash-landed on an alien planet and needs to find a new ship. This means navigating a labyrinthine garage filled with puzzles, which is easier said than done when you take into account the game’s unique control scheme…

The game is called “The Four Eyed Creature” for a reason – your alien has four eyes, each of which points in a different direction (forward, back, left and right) and each of which you can constantly see out of via the game’s unique UI. As you can see in four directions simultaneously it seems that your species has evolved to never move their heads or turn their bodies. This means that you have no way of aiming or turning your body to face a direction – you just have to rely on your differently facing eyes (one of which sees everything upside down).

Once you’ve mastered this weird form of 360° vision and no-aiming world traversal then The Four Eyed Creature starts throwing different weapons and equipment into the mix to really screw with your head. You have four arms each facing in a different direction. As you can’t aim you need to shift the gun/equipment into the correctly facing hand to use it to hit your target/aid your progress. What’s particularly clever is the fact that the weapons/equipment can be combined with each other for some very useful results which will help you overcome the many obstacles between you and your new ship.

It’s a very unique, disorientating and very well crafted little game. A first person shooter where you can’t aim and can’t even turn around is a very clever concept and requires you to approach the world in a very different way than a traditional FPS. Highly recommended.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download or Play Here (Windows, Mac, Linux & Browser)