The Free Ones – Beta Demo

The Free Ones is a grappling focused first person platforming adventure that sees you using your arm-mounted grapple gun to propel you through a mysterious island.

As we mentioned during the Beta sign up, The Free Ones is a high flying first person platformer from Farsky Interactive (creators of Sky Break and Farsky), In the game you take on the role of Theo, a prisoner who was kidnapped as a child and put to work in the mines of a strange man-made island. However, you find assistance in the form of a band of refugees who are working on a plan to escape the island and give you a pretty sweet arm mounted grappling gun into the bargain.

The current Demo build of The Free Ones features around 15 minutes of gameplay. It ends quite abruptly, but it really impresses with it’s high level of polish and exciting first person platforming gameplay. The movement in feels more superhuman than realistic, but it’s great fun – you run fast, you can jump massive chasms and your grapple gun can propel you high up into the air. You almost feel like you’re Spiderman as you hurtle through the air and pull off feats of grappling gun based agility.

The Free Ones really impresses with its interesting game world and the ease you can traverse it. It’s the sort of game that makes movement so fun that you never want to stand still. A fast and flowing first person platforming adventure full of grappling goodness.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The The Free Ones Beta Demo Here (Win, Mac & Linux)

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  1. I played the demo, and the game is very similar to “the story about my uncle”, i ended in less than 5 min, and i think there is some things that can be polish like the movement or the hook

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