The Future of Gaming – Game Jam Build Download

the future of gaming

The Future of Gaming, a challenging VR themed platformer made for the GJ GDC Jam, has you attempting to survive in the virtual world and the real world simultaneously.

You are a young man who has just recieved your own very own VR headset. You now can explore the world of virtual video games! The only thing you didn’t think about was how this was going to work parallel to your real life. In each level, you will put on your headset and see the virtual world around you. There are many hazards in this world – colliding with any of them can cause you to lose the game and result in you raging. They are the lesser danger.

The bigger danger is the hazards in the real world. You must take off your headset every once and awhile to check out what is around you. Objects in your house affect the virtual world – couches still need to be jumped over and things like fans or cookers can kill you. Sometimes the virtual world is much bigger than your house, so you may have to figure out exactly how to move in the virtual world without the walls getting in your way. You do move the same distance between worlds, though the alignment is varied, depending on what you land on.

Navigating the virtual world and the real world can be quite the challenge in this rage-inducing platformer!

Download or Play the Future of Gaming Here (Win & Browser)