The Gems – Game Jam Build Download

The Gems is a silly, funny and inventive little point and click action adventure where you fight monsters, solve puzzles, talk to animals and help a hippy gather mushrooms as you complete a very important mission.

Created by sharpfives for The Game Off 2019 Jam, The Gems transports you to a once idyllic monochrome world where the local inhabitants (and you) are being terrorized by shadowy demons. After a chat to a mysterious entity it seems that the best way to rid the world of the demons is to collect 24 shards of a powerful red gem that are scattered throughout the land.

At its core The Gems is a point and click adventure where you travel through the world and solve puzzles, but it also has action elements too, with you using a bow to shoot demons as they try to attack you. The bow shooting works well, the puzzles are very creative (particularly when you figure out how to talk to animals) and the whole thing is wrapped up in a wonderfully whimsical narrative full of oddball characters to chat to.

There are a couple of frustrating moments (the squirrel race and the boss fight), but on the whole the mixture of action and puzzle gameplay works really well in The Gems. The pixel art animation is excellent throughout and the irreverent humor and quirky characters are an absolute delight. Highly recommended.

Check Out a Gamepaly Video Here

Download The Gems Here (Win, Mac, Linux & Browser)