The Glitcher – Alpha Download

the glitcher

The Glitcher is a very cool first person puzzle platformer in which the world can rotate in an instant, making walls into floors and floors into ceilings.

Your goal in each level is simple – reach the exit.  Getting to the exit requires some precision platforming, mind-bending gravity flipping and an ability to think outside the box.  The game doesn’t spell out the exact route for you, so a little experimentation is generally required.

Gravity can be altered in different of ways, such as activating switches or (later on) using the left and right mouse buttons to rotate in the direction you desire.  You can even break the laws of gravity even more later on, with the ability to ‘ride’ flying glitch boxes.

It’s still very early in development, but The Glitcher already impresses with its stylish visual design and innovative gravity flipping gameplay.  You may not know which way is up or down, but The Glitcher is certainly worth down-loading.

Check Out Some Gameplay Footage HERE

Download The Glitcher Alpha Build HERE (Windows Only)