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The Golden Lens game

The Golden Lens is a cleverly crafted Unreal Engine 4-Powered first person puzzler created for the August UE4JAM in which you use lasers to change polarities of objects, allowing you to interact with them or pass straight through them.

The Golden Lens is a new scientific breakthrough by Professor Brooksworth, which allows you to see invisible objects and to see the polarities of them too. You are visiting the Professor’s laboratory and must use this lens to help you make your way though some deviously designed puzzles.

Polarity is very important in The Golden Lens. You can change the color polarity of objects by firing lasers at them allowing you to interact with them or pass straight through them depending on your own color polarity. Your color polarity changes dependent on what gates you pass through, so you also have to pay attention to that (there’s an indicator in the bottom left side of the screen).

It’s s fun game, with a great visual style, interesting gameplay mechanics and some genuinely challenging puzzle design (especially the last puzzle). A tricky little puzzler well worth checking out.

Note: Pay attention to your color polarity! (It’s in the bottom left of the screen)

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Download The Golden Lens Here (Windows)