The Golden Tulip – Game Jam Build Download

The Golden Tulip is a fun little first person puzzler that sees you listening in on suspects conversations to figure out who your target is, then blowing them up to stop a nuclear war.

In The Golden Tulip you take control of a spy/assassin who is holed up in The Golden Tulip hotel in Beirut, Lebanon. Across the road is another hotel, filled with suspects, one of which needs to be eliminated to stop a nuclear war. You need to decipher your orders using your code-sheets then listen in to the conversations of the people in the hotel across the street. Once you figure out who your target is you simply flip the marker next to their telephone line to ‘Marked’ and then blow them up by pressing the ‘Execute’ button – you’d better get it right though, you only get one chance!

It’s a great little game with stylish low poly visuals, a quirky premise and plenty of replayability due to the target being randomly assigned each time. A fun little eavesdropping spy hotel well worth checking in to.

Note: Remember to put on your headphones that are hanging up on top of the switchboard or you won’t hear anything!

Download The Golden Tulip Here (Windows, Mac & Linux)