The Grandfather Machine – Prototype Download

The Grandfather Machine is a cleverly crafted first person puzzle adventure that encourages alternate thinking as you explore its mind bending virtual world.

In The Grandfather Machine you wake up in a rocky area that’s filled with all sorts of strange gadgety and are greeted by a mysterious live action recording of a host/narrator who encourages you to complete a series of tests. These tests are set within virtual spaces that challenge the way you think about space.

The narrator never feels particularly trustworthy, but he does seem to know what he’s talking about and offers some genuinely interesting insights into the real and virtual worlds you find yourself in. The spaces you find yourself in don’t obey the same rules as the real world, containing space paradoxes, aberrations in gravity and even allowing you to walk along walls.

The second virtual area of the game can get a little confusing, requiring trial and error to figure a way through rather than any real logic, but even in these early stages of development it’s a very impressive game. Of particular note are the stylish visuals, excellent acting by the narrator and the inventive world design that’s packed full of interesting surprises. A cerebral space-bending adventure we highly recommend checking out.

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UPDATE: This Game Is No Longer Available