The Grandfather – Pre-Alpha Demo

The Grandfather

The Grandfather is a thoroughly bizarre story driven point and click horror adventure in which you control an old mans disembodied head, solving obscure puzzles that generally require you to cause as much destruction as possible.

Created by the twisted masterminds who created The Lady and Fingerbones, The Grandfather tells the story of an old man who is tormented by the coldness of his wife.  The unique story is portrayed though surreal cutscenes and even more surreal gameplay as you control the grandfathers floating head, interacting with objects and causing lots of damage to the household.

As well as unique old-man-head point and click gameplay, The Grandfather impresses with it’s beautiful hand drawn artwork and procedural soundtrack which reacts to the players actions in game.  It’s a beautiful, surreal and rather unsettling world in The Grandfather – a warped point and click adventure unlike anything you’ve ever experienced.

UPDATE: Alpha Demo No Longer Available