The Gregory Ranch – Game Jam Build Download

The Gregory Ranch is a simple, silly and oddly addictive little incremental game where you grow weird creatures (called Gregorys) on a ranch and merge them together to form a supreme Gergory!

Created for the MachaMaze spring jam, the gameplay in The Gregory Ranch is pretty simple – you just click on the little growths that appear in the ground to pull out little Gregorys then merge them together to create bigger (and weirder looking) Gregorys. Your aim is to merge enough Gregorys to create the supreme Gregory. The more upgraded the Gregorys become, the more cash you earn, which you can use to purchase more Gregorys and a few simple upgrades.

It could perhaps do with a few more purchasable upgrades as the final stretch is a bit of a slog, but even still The Gregory Ranch is a great little game. The mechanics are simple, but addictive, the artwork is packed full of character and it’s a real joy to see each new upgraded iteration of Gregory. They’re delightfully weird little creatures!

Play or Download The Gregory Ranch Here (Windows & Browser)