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The Griblings is a surreal and sinister first person psychological horror adventure in which you suffer from extreme hallucinations and must solve puzzles to escape your nightmare-filled house.

In The Griblings you step into the shoes of Alistair Gribling, a man who has visions of monsters and impossible spaces within his own home. You need to escape, but it’s not going to be easy – in fact when you start the game you’ll find it a struggle to even leave the bathroom you’re locked in!

The current build of The Griblings offers up a short 10 minute taster of things to come. It has a few bugs and the inventory system is a bit clunky, but it really impresses with its tense atmosphere, interesting puzzle design and surreal visions. A creepy puzzle adventure full of strange surprises.

Check Out a Full Playthrough Here

Download The Griblings Here (Windows)