The Guardian of the Gears – Student Project Download

Guardian of the gears game download

The Guardian of the Gears is a beautifully crafted third person puzzle platforming adventure set inside a decaying mechanical world that you bring back to life and use giant mechanisms to alter its structure.

The Guardian of the Gears is a masterclass in world design, full of beautiful artwork, clever little touches and huge mechanical contraptions that alter the structure of the game world in remarkable ways. Taking around twenty minutes to complete, you control a charming little robotic ‘Guardian of the Gears’ who seems to be the lone survivor of a robotic race who lived in this mechanical world, until they were all wiped out by a powerful entity known as ‘The Disruptor’. It’s up to you to make your way through the world, activate it’s various contraptions, breath life into its rusting machinery and face off against The Disruptor.

It’s a fantastic game full of clever game design that makes exploration, traversal and interaction with the game world an absolute delight. The way the giant mechanisms slide, rotate and slot together is a joy to watch in action and the more you learn about the backstory the more you root for your plucky little robot as he fights to save his world. Highly recommended.

Download The Guardian of the Gears Here (Windows)

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  1. You should definitely consider taking this to Steam Greenlight and kickstarter. As someone studying Games Dev it is absolutely fantastic. Trust me you would be worth continuing this. Please feel free to contact me.

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