The Hand of Glory – Alpha Demo

The Hand of Glory is a beautifully drawn point and click adventure where a wisecracking detective’s search for a serial killer ends up getting him embroiled in a conspiracy that could shatter the foundations of civilization.

Drawing inspiration from the Gabriel Knight and Broken Sword games, The Hand of Glory is an old school point and click adventure that blends humor with real darkness. In the game you follow a detective called Lazarus Bundy as he goes on an adventure that takes him from sunny Miami to the streets of Italy as he gets embroiled in a case that involves, murder kidnapping, ancient knowledge and powerful long forgotten mystical arts.

The current build of The Hand of Glory serves as a prototype and sees Lazarus attempting to stop a serial killer from claiming another victim. It takes around 30 minutes to play through and serves as a good introduction to the detective and his methods of case solving. It’s a fun little bite-sized adventure, with superb animation, a nice sense of humor, clever puzzle design and some great twists along the way. It feels fondly reminiscent of the Broken Sword games and by the end you’ll be dying for more of Lazarus Bundy’s escapades.

Download The Hand of Glory Alpha Demo Here (Steam)