The Happyhills Homicide – Alpha Download

The Happyhills Homicide is a freaky and disturbing little horror game where you take on the role of a 80’s slasher movie-style serial killer who must figure out creative (and brutal) ways to dispatch his victims.

Currently in development by Copperbolt (creator of Whiskers and Vermination), in The Happyhills Homicide you take on the role of a serial killing clown who must figure out a suitably horrible way to kill his victims without getting caught. In each level you need to search around for a weapon and other objects that may aid your bloody rampage and then you need to sneak up on the target and kill them.

The current build of The Happyhills Homicide features five levels, with the first few being pretty easy, and the final ones requiring a little more thought to outsmart your victims. The puzzles are simple, but inventive and you’re rewarded with a bit of comically brutal and bloody violence as you dispatch each victim.

It may only have a handful of levels at the moment, but The Happyhills Homicide is already a lot of fun. The pixel art animation is excellent, the way you dispatch each victim is very creative and the audio design is excellent. It’s got a very unsettling vibe and definitely one to check out if you always root for the killer in a slasher movie!

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download the The Happyhills Homicide Alpha Here (Windows)