The Hard Rock Riffs – Game Jam Build Download

the hard rock riffs

The Hard Rock Riffs is a very cool musical action game in which you must use combinations of keys on your keyboard to strum classic rock riffs, fending off your adoring fans long enough to make it to the limo.

The current build has two levels, each with different riffs sampled from classic songs (Back in Black & Sweet Child of Mine) and featuring charming little pixel art representations of Angus Young (AC/DC) and Slash (Guns & Roses) who are making a dash for their limo after a gig.  Unfortunately for them, their fans have other ideas and start to mob them, clinging on to them and slowing them down – if twenty manage to grab a hold of you at the same time you can kiss that limo goodbye.

To fend off your adoring fans, you can strum out riffs on your guitars, you have a choice of your different riffs, available through different button combos.  Aside from sounding cool, these riffs help you shake off fans, with each different riff used to shake off a different type of fan (so you can’t just keep paying the same riff over and over again).

Created for Ludum Dare 32, The Hard Rock Riffs is a fun game that we’d love to see expanded on with more characters and songs.  The Innovative riff-based gameplay is a joy to play around with and the pixel art animation of the rock stars is adorable.  Rock on.

Download The Hard Rock Riffs HERE (Win, Mac & Linux)