The Haunted PS1 Demo Disc: Spectral Mall

The Haunted PS1 Demo Disc is back, with Spectral Mall, containing 18+ new spooky retro horror games and a creepy haunted mall to discover them all in!

For those unaware, the Haunted PS1 Demo Disc is an annual release that contains a collection of demos for upcoming retro styled horror games. Offerings this year include 10 Dead Doves (by Duonix Studios), BÅÅBÖSÅÅNGJÅÅR (by ZIK), Blast Cats (by BlastCatsDev), DEAD LETTER DEPT. (by Mike Monroe), ENCHAIN (by mattlawr), Miracle Bug and the Electric Limbo (by Autumn Rain), Mortal Meal (by Goblin Council), MOTHERED (by ENIGMA STUDIO), Northstar Courier (by Ben Drury), Nowhere, MI (by Feverdream Johnny), Fear the Spotlight (by Cozy Game Pals), Beeknighted (by MicrotonalMatt), Future Reality (by Future Reality Softworks), Gob (by gamma girl labs), House of Necrosis (by Warkus), Perlin Festival (by Talon Zane), THEY SPEAK FROM THE ABYSS (by Nikki Kalpa) and Sorry, We’re Open (by oates).

There’s something in the Haunted PS1 Demo Disc:Spectral Mall for everybody, from charming the retro 3D platforming adventure of Beeknighted to the intense grappling hook FPS gameplay of ENCHAIN, or the surreal existential nightmares of THEY SPEAK FROM THE ABYSS or MOTHERED. Not only that, but the actual hub for playing the games is a pretty entertaining game in itself, with a few fun secrets to discover. If you’re remotely interested in retro horror games, you’ll have a blast in Haunted PS1 Demo Disc:Spectral Mall. Highly recommended.

Download Haunted PS1 Demo Disc:Spectral Mall Here (Windows)