The Heilwald Loophole – Alpha Demo

The Heilwald Loophole is a tense and darkly humorous retro styled first person horror game where you attempt to escape from a mysterious hospital with a psychotic doctor, a murderous nurse and a troublesome constipated patient!

With a demo build released as part of the Haunted PS1 Demo Disc, The Heilwald Loophole is a fun little fast paced horror game with a delightfully dark sense of humor. In the game you find yourself trapped in a strange hospital after falling through from the floor above. You meet a doctor who initially seems quite pleasant, but soon shows his colors as a murderous psychopath, and the rest of the staff are just as “friendly” too. Time to escape before they catch you!

The current build of The Heilwald Loophole takes around 15 minutes to play through and features 5 unique endings to discover. It’s a fun game with a lighthearted horror story, some great little twists and some surprisingly scary staff. You certainly won’t want to be dropping in on this hospital again in a hurry!

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Heilwald Loophole Here (Windows)