The Henchmen – Beta Sign Up

The Henchmen is a crime-filled top-down open world action game inspired by Hotline Miami and the classic Grand Theft Auto games.

Taking place in the crime-riddled street of 90s New Queens, The Henchmen will see you driving, shooting and fighting your way through an epic crime spree. It will be playable in single-player and local co-op and will see you embarking on missions as you fight your way up through the ranks of a criminal organization. The game also promises unlockable characters and a pulsating techno and drum ‘n bass filled soundtrack.

It’s a great looking take on the classic GTA top-down open world crime genre with plenty of brutal combat, and it’s nice that you’ll be able to take a friend along for the ride. Sign up for the Beta to get behind the wheel of The Henchmen early.

Sign Up For The Beta Here (Click “Request Access”)