The Hero Trap – Pre-Alpha Download

hero trap 2

The Hero Trap is a fun, fast paced and colourful roguelike dungeon-crawler, where you can use the souls of great warriors past to aid your perilous journey.

It looks wonderful, with randomly generated maps, nice animation and colourful cartoony character and enemy design.  The gameplay is similar to Gauntlet, with characters roaming dungeons, vanquishing hordes of enemies and earning gold.  This gold can be used in shops to purchase various upgrades – or more intriguingly – the souls of fallen warriors.  These warriors, each feature their own signature attacks and follow you around the levels, you’re then able switch control to them instantly by pressing their attack button.  In the finished game you’ll also be able to use these characters in multiplayer co-op.

Even in these early stages of development The Hero Trap is great fun.  With charming cartoon visuals a unique hero switching mechanic and challenging gameplay, there’s certainly a lot to like about this roguelike.

Download the Free Pre-Alpha Demo through the Kickstarter Page HERE (Win & Mac)