The Holy Gosh Darn – Beta Demo

The Holy Gosh Darn is a hilarious and wonderfully absurd narrative-driven time-travelling puzzle adventure where you help Death save Heaven from annihilation.

In The Holy Gosh Darn you are a low ranking angel called Cassiel who is enlisted by Death to try and fix one of his screw-ups that will cause the total destruction of Heaven. You only have six hours to do this (which works out at around 20 minutes in real-time) and the clock is always ticking, but you have a nifty medallion that allows you to travel backwards and forwards through time.

The medallion comes in handy in some fun ways, such as allowing you to erase your mistakes, learn information from the future or just make a cup of coffee for a sleepy curator (which is harder than it sounds). This time-bending ability means you can screw around as much as you like and it also allows for some very creative puzzles.

The cartoony artstyle, the time-travelling mechanics and the puzzles are a lot of fun, but it’s the writing and voice acting that really stand out in The Holy Gosh Darn. It’s packed full of great gags and all of the characters are a joy to get to know, especially as there are multiple lines of dialogue for different time-loops, so you rarely get stuck having the same conversation over again. You’ll have a hell of a good gosh darn time playing The Holy Gosh Darn!

Check Out a The Holy Gosh Darn Gameplay Video Here

Download The The Holy Gosh Darn Beta Demo Here (Steam)

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